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Application Modernization Success Story

Faster quotes, happier customers: Leading telco shortened the quoting process by 90%

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About the customer

Customer is a leading telecom tech in North America

Business problem

Using a legacy quote management solution, it took the leading telecom tech over 20 days to generate a single pricing quote. This manual, error-prone, and lengthy sales process was riddled with several complexities and inefficiencies.

Challenges faced:

  • Disconnected product, service, vendor systems
  • Lengthy 20+ day sales cycle
  • Manual, inefficient processes
  • Drop in productivity
  • Billing errors
  • Lost revenue opportunities due to inability to upsell/cross-sell
  • Poor customer experience, leading to churn

The solution

Our Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) and technical consultants hyper-collaborated with the client to assess the existing Configure to Quote (CPQ) business process, including the backend applications and infrastructure. Our team explored the option of implementing an off-the-shelf solution but found that this would just introduce more complexity, tech debt, and custom integration. Instead, we built a personalized platform that seamlessly integrates with the organization’s systems, streamlines the quoting process with ecommerce functionality, and provides valuable insights with analytics.


The fully scalable integrated CPQ solution allowed the client to boost productivity, empower representatives, and discover more revenue generating opportunities. The sales team adopted the platform within less than 2 weeks and has been using it daily since.

“We finally have a billing tool that’s revolutionary. With the new solution in place, our team will no longer have to intervene in the invoice gen process. The fact that the tool will now cumulate 19 months of invoices is just amazing.​ Beats the tools we had in place by a longshot. Another important step forward as part of our billing roadmap.”

Director, Artificial Intelligence

Leading Telecom Tech in North America
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