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Healthcare Company

80% in productivity gains: How a healthcare org empowered teams with actionable data

When this healthcare organization doubled in size, they found that their existing systems could no longer keep up with business requirements.

We hyper-collaborated with them to implement a data solution to reduce the manual workload, make data more accessible, and drive continued expansion.
From weekly to daily
access to information
Increased trust in data
with reduced silos

Featured Innovator

Fortune 50 Telecom North America

Faster quotes, happier customers: How a leading telco shortened the quoting process by 90%

Using a legacy quote management system, it took this Fortune 50 telecom over 20 days to generate a single pricing quote – resulting in missed opportunities, poor customer experience, and churn.

Through application modernization, we helped them reduce the entire configure-to-quote to less than 2 days and improve pricing accuracy all around.
reduced quoting cycle
$50 million
increase in revenue
COO Healthcare company
“With Sryas’ data platform, we tailored reports to the various roles across our full employee population, including executives, general managers, staff managers, clinical staff, and others. The platform also decreased the number of reports from 100 to 20 by focusing on only actionable information and personalization. Consistently, the best qualitative reaction from users has been ‘why didn’t we do this sooner!’”

Chief Operating Officer

Healthcare Company

Powerful solutions, huge wins

$ 0 M
revenue boost and counting for a Fortune 50 telco
0 hrs
saved on building reports every week across various departments
0 +
average number of years our customers are loyal to us

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IT Delivery

Fortune 100 Telecom

“Sryas is deeply integrated
into our organization and it has always played a big role in guiding our strategies, assumptions, and decisions. We heavily rely on it and that goes to show that the Sryas team has been fully supportive from day one to ensure we never hit a roadblock.

Director of Transformation

Leading Telecom Fortune 50

“Awesome milestone in the
journey to improve our customer and agents experience through automation. This has been a tremendous team effort including learning, debating solutions, and collaborating to execute. This milestone is now the foundation to drive our success even further. Big thank you to Sryas for making this happen! Let’s keep this great momentum going to land the next milestones & iterations.”

Associate Director

Leading Telecom
in North America

The Sryas team effortlessly
lead all integration
activities and brought our team to a state of receiving “A” across the board. Your team has been excellent in providing support on a continuous basis.
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