Get a complete picture of your business in real-time​

Speed is everything these days—telcos need to make decisions quickly and confidently to stay ahead of the curve. This is why live access to data is more critical than ever. Get real-time, integrated views of your data to optimize operations, improve experiences, and achieve agility at scale.
Eliminate disjointed, inaccurate data.

Eliminate disjointed, inaccurate data.

As your organization scales, so does your data volume: network performance, billing data, customer interactions, etc. The problem is, all that data is likely stored in different silos, making it a nightmare to see the big picture of what’s going on from a network, customer, and operational perspective. Unlock the insights you need with a consolidated, real-time view of data sources in a single, virtualized layer.
Data unified for real-time insights

Your data in a single, virtualized layer

No physical consolidation needed

Comprehensive view of live data

Faster integration of new data sources

Seamless data pipelines and workflows

Data democratization

Agile decision-making

Agility and innovation with Data Virtualization

Get a holistic view of customers

Personalize services and improve overall experience with a consolidated view of customer preferences and behavior.

Monitor network performance

Address network anomalies and failures before they happen by keeping track of all network devices and sensors.

Keep customers happy

Make sure there are enough representatives to promptly resolve issues with real-time demand planning.

Innovate faster and smarter

Get your products and services to market faster with all your market and customer data in one place.

Detect fraud

Stop fraudsters in their tracks by integrating data from various sources and detecting suspicious activity such as call spoofing, SIM swapping, and phishing.

Stay compliant

Simplify regulatory compliance by managing your data from one centralized location and controlling who can access it.

Agility and innovation with Data Virtualization
Stay ahead of the game with real-time insights
Implement a common data-access layer for all your critical data.