Your data is bored.​

It can do wonders to simplify the everyday, but most organizations don’t think about integrating data into their baseline architecture. But you’re not like most organizations.

Bring your data to life and solve the impossible

Working with scattered data with little to no searchability can create manual and repetitive work, uncertainties, and employee burnout. This untapped mine of insights also leads to missed opportunities, lost revenue, and unhappy customers. Discover new ways to tap deeper into insights to help your organization grow with oomph.

Start by building a data-first organization

Becoming data-first may be the best move your organization can make to truly innovate. Eliminate manual and repetitive work, make data accessible, and give your organization the opportunity to be proactive and make confident, strategic decisions faster.

No data strategy

Data-first strategy

Our approach

Business objectives and strategy

Design and build a data framework that aligns with your organization’s needs, goals, and strategy.

Data catalog, data lineage

Create an organized and efficient inventory for your data assets to improve discoverability and accessibility.

Business processes and data flows

Set the foundation for your data architecture by identifying optimal ways to create, use, store, and transfer data in the organization.

Business value articulation

Map how your data strategy is tied to desirable business outcomes by laying out both the tangible and intangible value of data architecture.

Value chain analysis

For a more focused strategy, identify areas and activities across your organization benefiting the most from a data architecture implementation.

Our approach

Creating a culture of data

Success story

A large US bank

Managed data risk and compliance requirements as the organization dealt with new and growing data sources

Established data governance processes and policies to manage and monitor business, customer, and product data while maintaining consistency across all sources

Eliminated data isolation by developing structural metadata in standardized data formats, enabling reuse and real-time access to data

Technologies used
Microsoft azure
Other SIs

Data approach

An afterthought or CR


Roadmap design

What you want (at a cost)

What you need (don’t overpay)

Solution approach

One-off solutions

Holistic solutions

Consultative approach

At a cost






Have favorites

Flexible & Agnostic

Potential growth



Change requests






Hidden costs



Stay agile and react nimbly to business growth.
Choose a trusted SI partner to build happier teams and make confident strategic decisions. Work with a team of domain experts to co-innovate and cover all bases – from vision and strategy to execution and outcomes.
Your goals are changing. So should your applications.
Upgrade your applications the data-first way.