Scale with security in mind

The telecom space is ripe with opportunities for transformative initiatives—as long as infrastructure, operations, and data stay secure. Protect your organization from threats to scale confidently, open new revenue streams, and stay competitive.

Cybersecurity working employees

It only takes one vulnerability.

There is no room for vulnerabilities in an industry that enables interconnectivity. Just one weakness can compromise infrastructure that billions rely on—leading to regulatory fines, loss of customer trust, and even legal liability. While telcos are under extreme pressure to scale, it’s important to mitigate security risks and fortify the enterprise attack surface.

No favorites, no limitations

Our team of 60+ auditors, testers & analysts can work with technologies across functional disciplines to build the right, strong solution for your organization.
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Our cybersecurity services

Testing Campaigns
Compliance &
Third-Party Risk
Management Programs
Product Security
Architecture Design &
Security Awareness
Training Programs

Success story

See how organizations improved their security posture with the help of our 60+ auditors, testers & analysts across functional disciplines.


resolved over an 8-month period for a leading global enterprise


evaluating potential weaknesses that led to successful acquisition of a cloud-based platform
for hardware and software components of systems that improved solution scalability
Ultra-secure Innovation

Uncover weaknesses

Detect and fix security issues before they can be exploited with penetration testing and ethical hacking.

Stay on top of threats

Monitor critical infrastructure, and initiate appropriate actions to isolate, quarantine, correct, and remediate.

Stay compliant and secure

Ensure compliance with regulatory requirements, industry standards, and the latest security protocols.

Safeguard customer trust

Keep your critical infrastructure secure to prevent data leaks or hacks.

Meet the highest standards

Deliver quality assurance for your solutions and products through manual or automated testing.

Sryas Cybersecurity

Turn risk into resilience

Embrace transformative tech while staying connected and secure.