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Business Intelligence Success Story

80% in productivity gains: How a healthcare org empowered teams with actionable data

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About the customer

This top-ranked healthcare organization offers comprehensive treatments and techniques in pain management.

Business problem

After steadily growing for almost a decade, The Pain Center of Arizona doubled in size. The company found their existing systems could no longer keep up with business requirements and prevented them from further expanding. Systems were disconnected and data was hard to access, and this made it difficult to get actionable insights for strategic and operational decisions.

Challenges faced:

  • Disconnected data sources and systems
  • Difficult to search for and access the right data
  • Manual report generation 
  • Lack of actionable insights
  • Slower decision making
  • Drop in productivity

The solution

Our team hyper-collaborated with The Pain Center of Arizona to deploy a business intelligence and analytics solution involving Analance™, our all-in-one, modular, plug-and-play data platform. Analance connected to data source systems across their organization, and it took less than 30 days to produce the first set of reports and dashboards. Improved data availability also meant a higher risk of breaches. To combat this, our team made sure to set up Analance™ in the customer’s own datacenter, limiting access to authorized users only.


The data-first solution equipped The Pain Center of Arizona with faster access to information, actionable insights, and improved decision support. Once the initial rollout was completed, our team continued to work with the customer to generate more advanced reports, provide ongoing support, and expand the scope of data sources to resolve additional siloes.

COO Healthcare company
“As new data sources are added, we’ll expose opportunities to gain further insight into the business and to better manage risks and compliance requirements. Consistently, the best qualitative reaction from users has been ‘why didn’t we do this sooner!’”

Chief Operating Officer

Healthcare Company

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